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Comprising 100+ artists and scientists who have participated in ANAT’s art/science residency programs since the late-1990’s, the network met in Adelaide for the second time in October 2018.

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New Light

New Light was an opportunity for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander artists to produce short, experimental moving-image works as part of TARNANTHI: Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art, celebrating Australia’s rich and diverse Aboriginal cultures.

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In October 2018, ANAT held the inaugural Spectra art + science festival, which comprised a three-day symposium, an exhibition showcasing research outcomes, & a public program of screenings, talks and performances.

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2018 ANAT Synapse Residency Program 

Synapse, an initiative of the Australia Council for the Arts and ANAT, supports collaborations between artists and scientists. The following Australian artists were awarded Synapse residencies in 2018:
Joanne Cannon + David Sly, Swinburne University
Natalie Alima + Jon McCormack, Monash University
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2018 ANAT Synapse CSIRO Residencies 

ANAT’s Synapse CSIRO Residencies were first offered in 2017. In 2018 artists Carolynne Bourne, Chris Henschke and James Geurts were hosted at the CSIRO’s Advanced Manufacturing hub in Melbourne, and supported by Creative Victoria.

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2018 Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship

Leading TV screenwriter Jane Allen (Cleverman, Janet King, Wentworth, Love Child) and award-winning novelist Dr Jesse Blackadder (Sixty Seconds, Chasing the Light) have been jointly awarded the 2018 Fellowship.

During their three month trip to Antarctica they will research, devise and write a TV series, The A- Factor, which will delve into the daily life of expeditioners at an Antarctic research station.

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