Category: 1998 Program


ANAT were invited to present the FOLDBACK website as part of  ISEA98 – Terror, the Manchester manifestation of the ISEA98 Symposium. (more…)

Foldback Forum + Exhibition

The FOLDBACK event, ANAT’s contribution to the Telstra Adelaide Festival, provided ANAT with an remarkable forum to pay tribute to some of the artists and personalities who have contributed so vividly to ANAT’s identity over our initial ten years. (more…)

Deep Immersion :: Elendil + System X

The fourth online residency of the ‘deep immersion: creative collaborations’ project. (more…)

Deep Immersion :: low key operations/nude productions + AltX

The third online residency of the ‘deep immersion: creative collaborations’ project. (more…)

A Digital Region – Asia Pacific Focus Group Meeting

In anticipation of the 1999 Asia and Pacific regional focus ‘A Digital Region’, ANAT undertook research during late 1998 to investigate possible collaborations between Australian technology artists and communities and art groups based in the region. (more…)

Deep Immersion :: Terri Ann White of Perth (WA) + trAce (UK)

The first online residency of the ‘deep immersion: creative collaborations’ project. (more…)

Deep Immersion: Creative Collaboration 1997 + 1998

In 1997 ANAT with support from the Australia Council, activated the deep immersion project with a series of online residencies ‘deep immersion: creative collaborations’. (more…)

1998 ANAT National Summer School

ANAT’s ninth summer school focused on Internet Design and Web Authoring and was held at the IMAGO Multimedia Centre/ Film and Television Institute Digital Arts Studio in
Fremantle from 13 – 31 January 1998. (more…)

LOGIN: Immersive Residencies

LOGIN was a series of residencies for emerging visual artists to develop web-based projects. (more…)

Broken Spaces 1998 + 1999

Broken Spaces was a collaborative project between doppio-parallelo Rosebud (the Ngapartji Narrative and Interactivity Research Project), the Media Resource Centre, and ANAT. (more…)