Past Program 1999 – 2008

As part of ANAT’s commitment to open platform documentation and information sharing, we have archived all of our past programs and projects here. Please contact us if you would like further information about any of these activities.

Image Credits:
2008 Chris Henschke, Frequencies, Synapse Residency
2007 Devices at still/open workshop
2006 Gregory Pryor, Synapse Residency
2005 Audiences at MiniSeries
2004 Julie Ryder, Synpase Residency still
2003 Sumugan Sivanesan LabCulture Residency
2002 Time_Place_Space, Curious
2001 Transformers by Justine Cooper, Synapse Residency
2000 PVI Collective, Asia Link Residency
1999 Primal Debug, by Lynne Sanderson

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