ISEA2011 Exhibition

ANAT is the presenting partner of “The World is everything that is the case” exhibition,  which has been invited to represent Australia at ISEA2011, to be held in Istanbul during September 2011.

This exhibition identifies the humble suitcase as a material metaphor for the transformation of cultural practice under contemporary aesthetic conditions, occurring across states, borders and demarcation zones of continuous production. Each artist will be assigned a suitcase that will be used to transport their work to Istanbul. The self contained artwork – as consignment – will be compressed (“zipped”); curation will operate as CODEC. When uncompressed, the contents of these six cases will translate in a spatial way to the site of exhibition.

In addition, the there  will be participation in ISEA’s conference program by presenting two panels sessions of artists and curators based on the project “The World is everything that is the case”.

Curatoriate: Sean Cubitt, Vince Dziekan and Paul Thomas

Artists: Nigel Helyer, Daniel Crooks, Tina Gonsalves, Mitchell Whitelaw, Karen Casey and Mark Guglielmetti.

Installation Management: Christopher Malcolm

With special thanks to UNSW and Monash University

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