Verve: The Other Writing 2000

For the Telstra Adelaide Festival 2000, ANAT and the Contemporary Art Centre of SA, presented Verve: The Other Writing. The project was conceptualised by the Festival in association with ANAT and CACSA and developed and programmed by Teri Hoskin from the Adelaide based Electronic Writing Research Ensemble.

Verve explored the intersection of writing with visual art, music, performance and current digital art practices. It was a multi-faceted project which had its physical presence at the
Contemporary Art Centre of SA, Ngapartji Multimedia Centre and in the disembodied realms of online environments.

The Verve program included: a forum on digital writing practices held at Ngapartji (the final day of Artists’ Week); a new video installation by Bill Seaman; exhibition of artists books & graphic sound scores; performances; workshops; and an online reading-writing room, at the Contemporary Art Centre of SA. An interesting aside of the Verve project was a tour of the conservation laboratory at ARTLAB, which included discussion of the conservation of texts in the current digital environment.

Guest speakers, presenters and artists at VERVE included:

Gregory L Ulmer (USA) and Linda Marie Walker (SA)
Victoria Lynn (NSW)
Bill Seaman (USA)
Sue Thomas (UK)
Adele Hann (SA)
Jyanni Steffensen (SA)
Suzanne Treister (Australia/UK)
Stephen Whittington(SA)
Vicki Humphrey (SA)
Glenn Lumsden & David deVries (SA)
Dylan Everett (SA)
Peter Harding (SA)
Michael O’Donoghue (SA)
Junko Banks (SA)
Alison Main (SA)
Linda Carroli (WA)
Terri-ann White (WA)
Susie Fraser (Vic)
Mark Stephens (SA)
Kevin Henderson (UK)
Simon Robb (SA)
Libby O’Donovan (SA)
Jo Kerlogue (SA)
Shireen Khemlani (SA)
Wiltrud Katherina Hackl (Austria)
Tina Auer (Austria)
Belinda Gehlert(SA)
Sally Pryor (Vic)
radioqualia (Netherlands/Aust)

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