Scismic Project 2000

The Scismic Project was also supported by ANAT as part of Deep Immersion: Scientific Serendipity.

Vertical Motion Cylinders

Vertical Motion Cylinders

During 2000, David Rogers (NSW) further developed his earthquake generator project, and has now rebuilt the ‘shaker-table’. David gave a presentation during the year about the project at Metro Screen’s ‘Sound in Multimedia Forum’.

Whilst the initial stage of this project was primarily concerned with engineering problems of getting the table operational, the potential for David to engage more directly with seismologists to interpret data is very exciting. An interesting adjunct in the development of the work has been the way that sound works with the installation and how one is affected by sound when in the proximity of the work.

ANAT will be further developing the central web site for the deep immersion: scientific serendipity program, and will be working with David to document the processes he has employed in building the earthquake generator.

Read more about David’s project in Scientific Serendipity or Deep Immersion

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