Research into training needs for curators

During 1997, ANAT undertook research into training needs for curators in this emerging area of exhibition practice. ANAT has been holding National Summer Schools for artists since 1989. The Schools are unique in providing the only intensive computer based training program in Australia devised
specifically for artists. Whilst Australian artists have now achieved international acclaim for their work, many artists still have difficulty in having their work shown, except on a sporadic basis, within Australia.

One of the reasons cited by many artists is that curators and arts administrators in Australia remain reticent to show the work of these artists, in part due to the difficulties of obtaining the equipment required to present the work (both perceived and real) and in part due to a lack of understanding of the work and of adequate design and display issues presented by
interactive and electronic artworks.

Kevin Murray, Melbourne based curator and researcher worked with ANAT and Museums Australia on the development of a training strategy for curators to advocate the inclusion of work by artists who use technology in their practice. The research aims to address the lack of the technical and conceptual knowledge with contemporary curating communities within Australia by developing models of training relevant to curators needs.

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