DJ Squat

ANAT also provided advice and feedback during the development of Doppio Teatro’s DJ SOAT project held in Adelaide and on the internet on Saturday March 22 1997.Live internet components at of the project included web, VRML, CU SeeMe, Iphone.

As a result of Comma’s visit to Adelaide during the UTLC conference (supported by ANAT) where he spoke of new social movements and Doppio Teatro’s recent contact with Italian underground youth cultural movements, the company has become very interested in exploring the relationship of new technologies to community and new cultural expressions.

DJ SQUAT was a project which brought together a range of elements – research – the intimate party – the live experiment – to develop a mixed media event. It was a cultural exchange offering insights into the ever evolving nature of one’s own culture and its processes in relation to another’s. The event was also the first offering from Doppio Teatro’s new initiative – paraLLelo – a series of internationally focused research/ exploration projects, aimed at developing and creating new artistic means of expanding our understanding of international cultural parallels, alongside the dualities that operate within our culturally diverse society.

From Bologna UNK Italy’s leading experimental youth multimedia hub, via the internet and in Milan, La Conchetta Social site and SHAKE Feltrinelli participated with musicians, visual artists, electronic writers and soundscape artists who, with Adelaide’s cutting edge artists, participated in a celebration and exploration through art and dance of parallels between cultures.

In Australia, Doppio Teatro connected with artists working in video, digital imagery, new music,soundscape and electronic writing. These artists include Andrew Petrusevics.the Electronic Writing and Research Ensemble, Lynne Sanderson, Martin Thompson, Virtual Artists and DJ HMC of Dirty House Records who was special guest DJ on the night.

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