ANAT Asialink New Media Arts Residency

In 2000, ANAT and Asialink developed a new media residency program for an Australian artist to travel to Asia.



Two of those residencies were held at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok (Chris Caines in 2000 and James Verdon in 2001). A third residency was held in 2003 with Kelli McCluskey and Steve Bull from PVI collective (Perth) selected to undertake a residency at Taipei Artists Village in September.

PVI Collective formed in the UK in 1998 and are now permanently based in Australia, PVI Collective are an independent new media arts ensemble who produce cross-platform art work combining elements of performance, video and installation with public acts of intervention. The group is currently comprised of six core members, each with varying arts practice backgrounds that help shape the multidisciplinary nature of PVI’s work. Under the creative direction of Kelli McCluskey and Steve Bull, the collective’s socio-critical arts practice confronts
notions of’life mediated by technology’ by seeking to infiltrate public domains and actively engage audiences within the artwork.

Recent projects have included an interactive web event enlisting members of the public as elite surveillance operatives, a car sticker campaign targeting the most ‘stealable cars’ in Australia, and an alternative site seeing tour of Australian cities via a 22-seater media-customised bus. Often with a dissenting focus, PVI’s work is driven by a need to provoke notions of acceptable behaviour and complacency towards mechanisms for social control, that permeate through mass media.

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