Coded Cloth Exhibition

A 21st century revolution in fashion, art and design, the exhibition showcased the unique emerging genre of interactive, new-media textiles. Coded Cloth featured a new art form beyond the imagination, embedding technology into wearable fashion to create a new hybrid art and design. 

Donna Franklin, Fibre Reactive (Detail) 2004 -2008

Donna Franklin, Fibre Reactive (Detail) 2004 -2008

Running from the 30 October to the 19 December 2008 at the Samstag Museum of Art, the exhibition presented elegantly designed ‘reactive’ furniture by Elliat Rich, whose thermo chromatic Yala flowers printed on the sofa, remain invisible until body heat activates the ink – and the flowers appear (just as the Yala plants bloom after life-giving desert rains).


Donna Franklin’s ‘living garment’ is a dress that you grow – made from the beautiful Australian orange bracket fungi. Fashion designers, High Tea With Mrs Woo, created the ultimate travel wear – with inbuilt heating circuits; while Alyce Santoro presented fabric woven from recycled audiocassette tapes.

The exhibition also coincided with the launch of Filter 69 entitled Coding Cloth, where you can see detail of the works exhibited.

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