SAN is a network of Australian artistic and scientific researchers who understand the value of interdisciplinary and experimental approaches to knowledge production. Comprising 100+ artists and scientists who have participated in ANAT’s art/science residency programs since the late-1990’s, the network met in Adelaide for the second time in October 2018.

Post-meeting evaluation found unequivocal support for annual SAN meetings, and pointed particularly to the network’s potential for seeding future partnerships and projects, and its value as a ‘community of practice’ for innovators across the arts and sciences. One attendee commented “It’s a great opportunity to announce new, residencies, celebrate past residency outcomes and to network. It could be an opportunity to take  advantage of the Alumni’s presence to have a structured/informal or formal discussion about issues that arise from the program and participants current practices, that would  benefit alumni and program’s development.”

Here’s the highlights of the inaugural 2017 SAN Meeting

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