Category: 2016 Program

Synapse 2016: Jessica Herrington + John Curtin School of Medical Research

Jessica Herrington, a Canberra-based visual artist, writer for SciArt Magazine, and arts editor for Lateral Magazine, worked with Professor Ted Maddess, Group Leader for Diagnostics for Eye Diseases at the John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University.

Word! on the East End Projector 

ANAT and Adelaide City Council have commissioned word-based moving image artwork from artists Caroline Daish and Stewart Daish, David Chapple and Aiyudot Khom, Ian Gibbins, and Jessica Lumb for public screening on the East End Projector as part of the East End Moving Image Program.

Unfixed 2.0 :: Creative Development Lab


In September 2016, the Australian artists joined their English counterparts in London. Together, they experienced the 2016 Unlimited Festival, before travelling to Watershed in Bristol to undertake a week-long Creative Development Lab, which also incorporated the remote input of Unfixed 1.0 artist Sarah Houbolt, who was unable to attend in person.