2019 Synapse Residency Program

Synapse, an initiative of the Australia Council for the Arts and ANAT, supports collaborations between artists and scientists

The following Australian artists were awarded Synapse residencies in 2019:

Andrea Rassell + Professor Vipul Bansal, NanoBioSensing Facility, RMIT University.

Artist Andrea Rassell will work with scientist Vipul Bansal to explore how filmmaking can be used to interrogate the social, cultural and ethical implications of nanoscale biosensing technologies.

Image: Andrea Rassell, Wildly Oscillating Molecules of Unanticipated Momentum (video still) Image courtesy the artist.

Dr Trish Adams + Associate Professor Mirella Dottori, Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute, University of Wollongong
+ Associate Professor Bryony Nayagam, Bionics Institute, University of Melbourne.

Artist Trish Adams will work with scientists Mirella Dottori and Bryony Nayagam on an open-ended investigation into human sensory systems and stem cell regeneration.

Image: An example of cultured neurons differentiated from human adult-derived pluripotent stem cells. Photograph M. Dottori. Image bottom:

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