2018 ANAT Synapse Residency Program 


 Synapse, an initiative of the Australia Council for the Arts and ANAT, supports collaborations between artists and scientists

The following Australian artists were awarded Synapse residencies in 2018:

Joanne Cannon + David Sly, Swinburne University
Musician and sound artist Joanne Cannon will work alongside Dr David Sly at Swinburne University’s Clinical Technologies Laboratory to construct and evaluate a physical holophonic audio system, drawing on recent software modelling, that will enable intimate and highly articulated localisation of sound sources and, potentially, real-time interaction during live performance.
Read Joanne’s ANAT Synapse Residency blog here

Natalie Alima + Jon McCormack, Monash University
Architectural artist, Natalie Alima, and Monash University’s SensiLab Director, Professor Jon McCormack, will explore ways of controlling and orchestrating biological materials and organic chemistry, using robotic intervention, algorithmic design and advanced digital fabrication, in order to advance the potential for living and breathing inhabitable designs.
Read Natalie’s ANAT Synapse Residency blog here


Image: Natalie Alima, BioHybrids, Large scale 3D printed fabricated out of Wooden biodegradable PLA.Natalie is a recipient of the 2018 ANAT Synapse Residency Program.





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