2005/2006 Synapse Residency Program

Synapse, an initiative of the Australia Council for the Arts and ANAT, supports collaborations between artists and scientists

The following Australian artists were awarded Synapse residencies for 2004/2005:

Gregory Pryor + The Division of Sustainable Ecosystems, CSIRO (WA)
Grain of Night was a collaboration between artist Gregory Pryor and CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems in Western Australia, generously supported by International Art Space Kellerberrin Australia (IASKA). The residency focused on work done in the Wallatin Catchment area around Kellerberrin in Western Australia’s wheat belt. Kellerberrin is just over 200 kilometres east of Perth. CSIRO focuses on the on-going sustainable management of Australia’s landscapes, environments and communities.

Rachel Peachey & Paul Mosig (The Contextual Villians) + The Department of Archeology and Natural History, Australian National University (ACT)
Paul Mosig and Rachel Peachey (AKA The Contextual Villains) spent 3 months working with the Department of Archaeology & Natural History at the Australian National University. Paul & Rachel proposed to use creative methods to mimic the scientific process used by Palaeoecologists. They worked in the field to collect samples, worked with microscopes to investigate the samples and background research. The Australian National Universities major research focus is human-environment interaction through time.


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